Silverlight in SharePoint   

  For SharePoint speaking, a company on the front-end application is very pragmatic approach, or use JAVASCRIPT, including AJAX, JQuery, etc.. After all, compared to Silverlight, the technology is relatively mature with a large number of experienced programmers have developed the backing of the cost of relatively low risk. silverlight is a very new technology, so Silverlight advantage of the Sharepoint on the application need to be further explored. We have already seen through the Blueprints about silverlight + sharepoint simple application. Such applications may be more to a certain extent, then, other technologies will become an insurmountable barrier, this combination is also logical as the core of Microsoft's products, most competitive new products.

  SharePoint is a set of custom front relatively cumbersome process, but due to the need that some knowledge of some procedures, but also know how to operate some of the staff artists, making some companies discouraged on the front of the custom. Simply replace the site style interface similar to their own culture, simple operations such as replacement of LOGO. The emergence of Silverlight can change this situation, the interface changes make SharePoint work, like art, like painting, simple and beneficial operation.

  SharePoint along the way, from the first portal to today's six functional blocks. Increasingly able to understand the functions of SharePoint at the rapid expansion would allow the future of enterprise applications more valuable solutions. The combination of SharePoint and Silverlight, also will become the core of Microsoft products in the System. All Microsoft products, will be launched around the core, each with a separate product to connect to this core, so that all products will form an invisible chain, closely. Imagine the future is easy and unrestrained, but the road still have to come out step by step, as users of a Microsoft product, we will follow Microsoft's Silverlight and SharePoint together to belong to the brave new world.