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What is Windows Phone?

Windows phone is based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system for its latest smart phone title, and since then, all of the operating system using Windows Mobile6.5 were smart phones titles Windows phone, used since 2003, named from the Windows Mobile be replaced. Windows phone products with powerful mail processing ability, and can and PC equipment, perfect synchronization, but also has a third-party software support quite rich, but poor high touch experience and the hardware requirements for Microsoft's operating system Mishap.

Windows phone Main features:

Windows phones are designed to support the activities people do every day with their phones: e-mail, instant messaging, SMS, voice mail, calendar, and contacts.

The update includes these enhancements:

  • A new Today screen highlights e-mail, SMS/MMS, missed calls, voice mail, Windows Live services, and even music and photos.
  • Improved touch is fast, and gestures now work in most e-mail, contacts, and calendar levels.
  • Handy new widgets provide updated views of the latest news, stocks, weather, and favorite web services.
  • Improved Internet Explorer Mobile is now more touch-friendly with desktop-quality display.
  • Built-in support for new services, including Windows Marketplace for Mobile for browsing and buying apps, Windows Live services with push e-mail for Windows Live Hotmail accounts, and Microsoft My Phone for backing up and syncing phone information on the web.
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system.