"Five phone" Confront in China

With Microsoft officially released “Windows Phone” which they deployed meticulously ,a intriguing “5 phone” confronting situation took shape in communication industry :Apple’s “IPhone”、Google’s "GPhone”、China Mobile’s “Ophone”、"UPhone” which China Unicom is concentrated implementing and Microsoft’s “WPhone”.

Microsoft high-profile declared that they will put out their first batch of “Wphone” mobile in Beijing,17 “Wphone” which produced by different manufacturer will use the latest operating system “windows phone 6.5” and appear on the market at the end of the year.

Cause for concern:Microsoft will put out “My Phone” service for Chinese users at the same time.The free Simplified Chinese “My Phone” service allow users to use password-protected access to network services to visit 、manage and backup personal information on your phone,thus we can implementation upgrades of our phone’s hardware and software. In addition, more than 60 local software developers and content providers supp;y nearly a hundred applications for Microsoft.

In fact,before Microsoft,Apple has launched the Iphone,and Iphone achieved very good market response;Another IT giant Google has launched Android,its mobile phone called GPhone; China Mobile has just released OPhone a month ago,this is the first mobile phone pperating system platform led by the telecom operators.China Unicom is also actively developing proprietary UPHONE platform.”Five Kingdoms” competition pattern has been forming on mobile platform Guo Haitao from CCW Research believes that mobile internet has a background of rapid Growth,and under the premise of highly integrated of terminal and software ,IT giants all are exploring new business models.